GOP is an Economic Death Cult

That’s harsh, I know.  Who else was a death cult?  The original “n” word, that’s who. But stay with me.  As everybody who isn’t a registered Republican can tell you, their economic ideas are pure cloud cuckoo land fantasy.  As Obama says, they “defy logic”, as economists have said since the early days of Arthur Laffer and his curve and Reagan’s “voodoo economics” it only takes a non cult deluded mind to know that whether you call it supply side or trickle down, whether it’s austerity or “starve the beast”, whether your fetish is flat taxes, low taxes or abolish the IRS no taxes at all, it’s only a road to ruin. These ideas have been proven wrongheaded over and over again, but they are zombie ideas that never die.

The Nazis were not a real political party, they were a death cult because they demanded unyielding fealty to their philosophies and means, which were infallible. They believed they could only fail by a lack of purity and a failure to faithfully adhere to their methods. It may sound like we’re just laughing at Godwin’s law here but today’s conservatives believe the same thing:  conservatism never fails, only its adherents fail conservatism.  And that leads to conservatives running governments aground over and over again like a Keystone Kops navy.

Ask people in Kansas or Oklahoma how it goes when you have a committed GOP governor and legislature enact their economic wet dream of tax cuts and lower government spending. But you don’t have to travel to the mid-west for this.  If you lived through the George W. Bush years you remember. Because while Bush wasn’t allowed to take it as far as Govs. Brownback or Fallon, his tax cuts for the rich while fighting two wars and creating a massive new Homeland Security uber-agency, exploded the deficit that they say they care so much while investment, jobs and savings dried up.  As far back as the 1790s Alexander Hamilton bemoaned the people who hated deficits but also hated the only real means of lessening them – taxation.  He thought they were ridiculous.  And whenever they’ve grabbed the reins of power they’ve done the same thing over and over again to bad result.

The scariest thing here is that these zombie ideas keep on, dragging their ratty rotting carcasses slowly, inexorably towards state capitols and D.C.  They keep getting shot, stabbed, blown up, burned and drowned but they do not die.  GOPers keep feeding them their own brains and becoming zombies with them, doubling down as they fail, again.

The economic death cult will destroy every tax base it lays its hands on and declare victory from their crypts unless the living and thinking say never again.

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