Garden State Passes $15 Min. Wage

The Assembly passed the bill, the Senate will also pass it and then Sad Christie will take out his veto stamp. But the Assembly and the Senate expect to override his sad, saggy, pathetic vetoing ass.

For the Democratic leaders in the state Senate and Assembly, the veto is not so much a threat as it is a procedural step. They’ve said they plan to take the wage hike to the voters through a constitutional referendum, bypassing the Republican governor if he intervenes.

From $8.38  to $15.00 is a shock, but NJ is an expensive friggin’ state to live in let me tell you. People need it, badly.

The annual take-home pay for a full-time worker earning the minimum wage in New Jersey is about $17,430. The United Way of Northern New Jersey has estimated a single adult in New Jersey would need to earn $13.78 an hour to meet his or her basic needs, and $19.73 per hour for “better food and shelter, plus modest savings.”

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