Donald Trump is a Fraud

and a con man, a pathological liar, an egocentric narcissist, a shallowmoney grubbing beauty obsessed misogynist, a racist, fascist, xenophobe, a belligerent, thin skinned, power mad, self-aggrandizing elitist who only cares about his own soggy ass.

And he’s fat and has weird hair. Which given all the insults he throws around about other people’s looks is evidence that he lacks human sympathy for other people and humility and awareness about himself. Which makes him a sociopath, at best.

And all that leaves unspoken that he has not one moment of public service on his lifetime record of self-service and seems willfully ignorant about domestic, military and foreign policy.

But if you think you might vote for him to be president we have to respect that.


Uh uh.  Any mention of Trump without going through the litany of reasons that make him unthinkable for the presidency is de facto normalizing him. Unacceptable.

Suffice it to say cable news will be unbearable to watch for the next 5 months as they whistle past all the inconvenient facts about him in order to make a race between one of the most qualified people to be nominated for president and the LEAST qualified person to be nominated for president to be Coke vs. Pepsi. A toss up. Either one is legitimate.

He ain’t Coke, he ain’t Pepsi.  He’s sewer water.  Sludge.  Toxic waste.

You wouldn’t let someone drink toxic waste.  So how can you let anyone argue that voting for such waste is just another choice?

I vow that if I ever get into another conversation with someone that says that they are thinking of voting for Trump, I will assert loudly and clearly how unthinkably irresponsible I believe that choice to be.

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