Texas Dropped Case Against Trump U For Political Reasons

This should be a pretty big story and not just to Texas citizens to illustrate how corrupt their elected officials are.  If this can be proven this is bribery.

The former deputy director of Abbott’s Consumer Protection Division now alleges that the attorney general office’s decision to quash the lawsuit against Trump — later a major donor to Abbott’s campaign — was a political move that left Texas consumers “high and dry.”

“The decision not to sue him was political,” John Owens told The Dallas Morning News.“Had [Trump] not been involved in politics to the extent he was at the time, we would have gotten approval. Had he been just some other scam artist, we would have sued him.”

The Consumer Protection Bureau set up a case and settlement proposals to get back $2.6 million dollars from Texas residents who were bilked by Trump U, which by the way had not even filed the legal papers to do business in TX.  But in an unusual move, Greg Abbott’s AG office denied the request.

“We routinely got approval to sue people. We routinely went after bogus schools that offered false diplomas,” he added.

But in this case the AG interceded and the only thing Trump U had to do was stop taking money from Texas citizens.  They didn’t have to pay anything back or pay any fines. The investigation ended. Sounds like Trump got a favor from Greg Abbott. Then later Trump gave Abbott $35,000 in his run for governor.

Ask ex-VA Gov. Bob McDonald how things like this work out.


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