California as a Model

I will tout California’s comeback till the cows come home.  The GOP certainly shot themselves in both feet there starting with the Pete Wilson and the Prop. 187 anti-immigration nonsense.  But they did themselves no favors after that with their intransigence on raising taxes and cutting spending and pushing the state into stupidhood.

So now the Democrats got back complete control of the state and voila, budgets make sense again, things are looking up.  So the GOP in Cali is on milk cartons, having disappeared from relevance.

And now in 2016 a senate seat is up for grabs and the two top vote getters who will be on the ballot are both Democrats.

This year, the California GOP looks to be headed for disaster in the presidential race, with some recent polls showing Donald Trump gaining less than one-third of the vote. And that’s not the worst of it. The GOP won’t even have a Senate candidate on the ballot.

It couldn’t happen to a more unworthy party. It should only spread like this to every corner of the country, like every other California trend.

Except for using beets in deserts.  That’s just stupid.  Stop it.

By the way – per my previous missive about women, both persons on the ballot for senate are women. CA AG Kamala Harris and Congresswoman Loretta Sanchez. Either one would do that seat and outgoing Sen. Barbara Boxer proud.  My money is on Harris, who I expect to be a rising star for the Dems and a potential presidential candidate in 2024.


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