Where My Boss Ladies At?

So a major political party finally nominated a woman for president. 50 years after India and Israel had female prime ministers. Years after Iceland, Argentina, Germany, France, the UK, Brazil, etc. had woman leaders, America, supposed leader of the world has taken the first step towards following leading from behind.

Somebody asked how is it possible that we just did this?  Well, how do we only have 20 women in the Senate if they’re 50% of the population.  How few women are there in the House?  Governorships? How about CEOs?  Jeez, it’s like 5% of Fortune 500 companies have women CEOs.

A woman I worked with just left our firm after being denied partnership for the second time. She became a mother last year and took 4 months off for paternity. That is the only reason I can even remotely imagine that kept her from partner.

A woman I work with that made it and is making it is doing so  because of one key word: nannies!  Not one but two nannies.  If you have kids and want to be mommy you will have it held against you.  It’s just unfair.

And not just for the ladies. How about how unfair this is for the men who want to be dads, but are expected to put business first?

The USA has an insidious business first, family second attitude despite all the Huffington Post Healthy Living Dept. noise made about rearranging those priorities in the right order. Of course we expect you to put family first…. of course… but don’t.

Can’t you wait until the kids are grown to be ambitious?  What are you a power mad bitch?

Maybe that’s why the ladies farm team of potential presidents is so sad.

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