I like this Spin

In the Nation:

Islamic Terrorism Is Right-Wing Terrorism.  That’s true and a good way to spin it to put the right wing on the defensive (where they would be all the time if they had a sense of shame).  Connect the Islamist nuts to the Christianist nuts and even sometimes the Jewish nuts (not necessarily murderous, but still anti-woman (Ultra-Orthadox Rabbi Declares Women Riding Bicycles are “Provocative”).

The details differ, but the defining characteristic of all right-wing religionists is an abiding contempt for religious pluralism. They deny the legitimacy of other faiths. All conservative religious traditions are hostile toward gays and lesbians and those who reject traditional gender roles. Most embrace religious nationalism and reject multiculturalism. There are some exceptions, but most oppose abortion. They all want to return to an idealized vision of an earlier, simpler time. When you get down to brass tacks, they’re all right-wingers.

If Trump and Breitbart and the like want to, irrationally, connect conservatism and protection of gay people (what gay person is going to buy that I want to know other than the ghost of Roy Cohn?), then I think we can be real and indict their kind of absolutist, authoritarian, black and whitism as part and parcel of the same thinking that makes these Middle Eastern Muslim jehadis throw gay people off buildings and Texas Christianist jehadis celebrate their nutso Muslim brethren in doing so.

WaPo- Pastor refuses to mourn Orlando victims

Pastor Roger Jimenez from Verity Baptist Church in Sacramento told his congregation that Christians “shouldn’t be mourning the death of 50 sodomites.”

You just have to see such insanity to believe it, but You Tube already took it down because it violates their hate speech standards, duh.

Likewise, Pastor Steven Anderson in Tempe, AZ who always refers to gays as pedophiles and celebrates the death of 50 pedophiles.

Both of them are twisted enough to long for a government “just” enough to be rounding up gay people and executing them.  There is no hell hot enough for nut jobs that can’t get it through their heads that the evil liberal government they rail against protects them from being rounded up and executed.

The bottom line is gay people are no threat to anybody except in the bizarre imaginations of these wackos, but these wackos and their ilk have spilled a river of blood over the years and blame everybody but their brand of delusional religious extremism for it.

So whether it’s Robert Dear shooting up a Planned Parenthood clinic or Baruch Goldstein massacring Muslims at prayer or a guy named Omar going on a killing spree in a gay nightclub in Orlando, it’s all religiously inspired right-wing terrorism. Let’s stop worrying about which holy text some killer cherry-picked to justify his crimes and call it what it is.




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