Bernie Won the Debate and Changed the DNC

This should be a bigger story, we’ll see how the day goes, but Bernie Sander’s attacks on DNC head Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (along with a lot of other people) have been addressed by the Clinton campaign.  She’s still the titular head of the party, but the Clinton campaign has installed Brandon Davis, the national political director for SEIU as general election chief of staff to the DNC.  Which essentially moves DW-S to a back seat. This isn’t uncommon for campaigns to do, and may be spun by W-S as no news at all, but the pick is a sign that the Clinton people either didn’t completely disagree with the criticisms of W-S, or at least agreed that a change of direction was in order.

Davis may have been Clinton’s pick, but I think the Sanders campaign will applaud the pick nonetheless. Davis has a great reputation and SEIU has been a force nationally in speaking up for working people. That’s the key conflict between the Sanders direction for the party and Wasserman-Schutz’s leadership towards more corporate control.



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