No Individual Right to a Gun

For 200+ years the Supreme Court held that the 2nd Amendment did not guarantee an individual right to a gun.  Not until the Scalia court and Heller did it do so. Well, Scalia’s dead.

So, no, once again, there’s no individual right to a gun. And there sure as hell isn’t an individual right to an assault weapon. We know the non-Scalia court is going to be firm on that.

The Supreme Court is not taking up a challenge to state assault weapons bans.

The preamble to the Constitution is all about the collective.  “WE hold these truths to be self-evident… provide for the COMMON defense, promote the GENERAL welfare…” and then we get to the 2nd Amendment and it’s all about that well-regulated militia.

We need to rewrite the thing, but in the meantime, let’s be real. I am all for due process, but if you’re on the terror watch list or no-fly list, or if you have mental issues (including being on certain medications), have anger issues, you’ve assaulted anybody (shown a lack of control), you should not have a gun. If you are under investigation, local law enforcement should be able to impound your weapons until you are cleared.

And no one under any circumstances should be able to have an assault weapon in their home.

Now, if a compromise is to be found on that issue, I would be interested to know if anybody has proposed a law that allows assault weapons to be owned, so long as they are secured at licensed shooting ranges. If people have to have them for recreation (geez, how about cooking instead?), at least have them secured someplace where no one can just grab it and use it in anger.


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