Trump is Broke and His Campaign Broken

It’s worse than people thought. Federal Election Commission filings were due yesterday and they show Trump’s campaign has $1.3 million on hand. Just for pure juxtaposition, the Clinton campaign has $42 million. So that’s bad, really bad. And it’s not like there’s tons of money coming in any time soon because nobody has any reason to trust their money would be well spent. In fact, it might just go into Trump’s own pocket. His scam is that he’s conned people into thinking he’s “self-funding” but whatever he’s spent from his own funds on his plane or whatever, have just been loans that he pays back to himself with contributions. So enjoy that Trump backing suckers.

Donald Trump’s presidential campaign paid more than $1 million last month to companies controlled by the presumptive GOP presidential nominee, according to reports the Trump campaign filed late Monday with the Federal Election Commission.

The figure represents payments for facilities rental, catering, monthly rents and utilities at more than a half-dozen Trump-owned companies and properties. It includes nearly $350,000 that the Trump campaign paid a Trump-owned company, TAG Air, for the use of Trump’s private jets and helicopters.

Also, unlike most big campaigns in the Citizen’s United Super PAC era, big bankrollers like the Koch Brothers are not setting up huge war chests for the presidential candidate. Rather, they’re concentrating on down ballot races in a defensive move, so that the GOP doesn’t get decimated.

Then on top of all this, the firing of his ineffectual campaign manager yesterday, is the knowledge that the Trump campaign has about 30 paid staffers.  That’s in a 50 state country, as you might remember. Clinton has 30 paid staffers in Utah!

The truth is: there is actually no Trump campaign.



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