I defer to Barry Ritholtz on Brexit

Smart guy this Ritholtz.  8 Things to Know About the UK Vote.

I love point 8. There’s no uncertainty here. The result was binary. They warned them of the consequences, now they’re happening, no real surprises. Right now people are selling stocks whose prospects have little to nothing to do with whether the UK is a part of the EU. As usual, it’s rather stupid.

I won’t beat this dead horse too much, other than to say that there were two options presented to voters: Stay and leave. Voters picked “leave,” despite warnings that exactly what is happening at the moment was going to happen. That isn’t what the term “uncertainty” means, and those who insist on using the word incorrectly subtract from the sum of human knowledge.

One thought on “I defer to Barry Ritholtz on Brexit

  1. Did not read the piece you quote, but when people refer to uncertainty, they mean the consequences of pulling out or even whether the separation is complete . For example, will it lead to Scotland exiting UK ? Will London still be able to be as much as a financing center for rest of Europe? How much will trade terms hurt UK exports and pound?

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