Supreme Court Continues Run of Sanity

They struck down the crazy, onerous and completely disingenuous Texas laws created “to protect women’s health” that somehow only achieve making it very much harder for a woman to exert her sovereignty over her own body.

In a 5-3 decision, math dictates that even if Scalia had been there this would have gone right.  What we miss is his likely crazyballs dissent in which he would have cited Jesus, St. Thomas Aquinas and probably repeated nonsense about Margaret Sanger that he got on the internets.  Well, I’ll sleep fine tonight without that.

This should open the flood gates of challenges to similar laws in other states that have left it virtually impossible to get an abortion in those states.

Unfortunately, reality on the ground is that reopening women’s healthcare clinics should look into using abandoned missile silos because of the horrendous safety challenges providers face in our Jesus loving country chock full of the heavily armed and pious. Who Would Jesus Blow Away? is not a legitimate liturgical question.


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