Trump the Fraud – Part the Infinity

The WaPo has really dug in on his charitable giving, which shows that he’s a liar, a fraud and maybe worst of all cheap, chintzy, a fucking blow hard miser!  He’s always claiming to give so much to charity, but it’s a lie. To be charitable to him, maybe it’s another indication that he just doesn’t have the kind of money he claims.  He’s cheap for a billionaire, but he’s also cheap for a millionaire.  There are average people out there who give more than he has. They just don’t go around claiming to have given millions and not backing it up.

In all, when the $1 million gift to veterans is added to his giving through the Donald J. Trump Foundation, Trump has given at least $3.8 million to charity since 2001. That is a significant sum, although not among billionaires. For example, hedge fund titan Stanley Druckenmiller, just behind Trump on Forbes’s rankings of net worth, gave $120 million to his foundation in 2013 alone.

What has set Trump apart from other wealthy philanthropists is not how much he gives — it is how often he promises that he is going to give.

Over and over again, claims that proceeds and profits would go to charity and no evidence that it did. And when he did give it wasn’t much, and it wasn’t necessarily to the charities he claimed to give to. My favorite:

From 1987 to 1991, Trump gave away $1.9 million of his money through the Donald J. Trump Foundation.

He gave $101,000 to veterans, according to a Post analysis of tax records from that time.

He gave $26,000 to the homeless.

He gave $6,450 to AIDS research.

He gave $4,250 to multiple sclerosis research.

The amount for those categories was $137,000, or 7 percent of the total.

A foundation for indigent real estate brokers. BWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Even his foundation gave way more to his schools, and his kids’ schools than to the truly needy. By the way he hasn’t given his foundation and of his personal money since 2008.

Nobody has to give anything, but you can’t go around claiming to be the most charitable, the most generous, and actually be Scrooge.  Then you’re just an asshole.

Oh yeah, this is Donald Trump we’re talking about so, yeah that’s about right.

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