Don’t Say “Sorry” That’s What Got Jimmy the Greek

Donald Trump is a 70 year old autocrat who is used to running roughshod over his employees, contractors, wives and children. Like many macho guys of a certain age, he doesn’t believe in apologies, or admitting he’s wrong. I’m sure that, like Archie Bunker, he has a chair in his apartment in Trump Tower that you better not sit in because it’s his.

But now we know the exemplar that he keeps in the back of his mind all the time as the proof that not apologizing is the smarter strategy. In this piece in which they talk about how Trump believes himself immune to the criticism of being “xenophobic” or “nativist” because people don’t know what those words mean, he is quoted as telling Boston conservative Howie Carr that:

“Whatever you do, don’t apologize,” Trump said, according to Carr. “You never hear me apologize, do you? That’s what killed Jimmy the Greek way back. Remember? He was doing okay ’til he said he was sorry.”

For those of you under a half century of age. Jimmy “the Greek” Snyder was a gambler, a football prognosticator who was on the pre-game shows on CBS in the 70s and 80s to give his opinions on who would win games (but not for betting purposes because that would be wrong!). That is until he made some comments about black athletes having been bred to be superior because of slavery and other racial issues. Funny, but he was 70 at the time of his completely unforced error. He made statements that didn’t necessarily prove he was racist, but they were certainly not smart for someone in public to make at that time or today.  At best it was cringeworthy like when your grandfather still calls black people “coloreds”.


If you read the comments on You Tube you will read numerous defenses of what he said claiming that he was right and he was fired wrongly for speaking his mind. What he said was not racist, hell it wasn’t even offensive, he was giving the blacks credit!  Yeah, you go with that.

Trump remembers Jimmy “the Greek” as being a truth teller who got fired because he apologized – which is crazy.  He got fired because if you’re on TV you can’t say those things and keep your job any more than Paula Dean could have kept her stupid cooking shows  when it came out she had  done and said some very racially insensitive things.

Trump and his ilk can bemoan “political correctness” (I hate even typing those stupid words) all they want, but like when you say your wife looks like she gained weight and she won’t talk to you for days, you may be factually right, but everybody in the fucking world knows you shouldn’t have said it.  An apology is the least you can do.

Taking a stand for saying stupid things and never apologizing is exactly what you’d expect from a 70 year old baby who never made the passage to the 20th century, no less that 21st. It’s immature and thoughtless to just blurt shit out, not brave.

If you think it is, spend 10 minutes at any retirement home and you’ll hear all kinds of truths being told by people in diapers whose younger selves would be aghast at what they’re saying.  They have dementia, which is an excuse. Stupidity and arrogance is not.

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