Comey Confirms What We Knew

There were some things mishandled with Clinton’s private e-mail server, but nothing illegal, nothing criminal, nothing.

And yet, this was the GOPs great white hope for 2016. They have asserted, and will continue to assert, that clearly she would go to jail if the fix wasn’t in.  For what exactly? No answer.  Didn’t Colin Powell do the same thing and nobody said boo?  Who can know?

Somehow it’ll all be an elitist, politically correct plot to take the country, that they want back, from them. Like how the media keeps seeing anti-Semitic uses of Stars of David, when they’re sheriffs stars. It’s so elitist of them to note that the graphic that Trump re-tweeted came from a racist neo-nazi twitter troll and not from a sheriff’s benevolent organization.

Maybe Hitler just deputized a lot of people.

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