I Understand Fear, But it’s Not Close

I have been surprised to hear some people I consider pretty smart wax pessimistic about the possibility of the Trumpster fire presidency.

But it’s not really close.  And I don’t expect it to get closer.

Pew has Clinton by 9 and outperforming 2012 Obama in almost all demographics. The biggest change is white college-educated women who split evenly for Obama/Romney, have moved 31 points towards Clinton.

This is while Trump keeps repeating the delusion that Hispanics love him (freaking out fellow GOPers tethered to reality).

The biggest cloud over Hillary just cleared up. The conventions usually compress differences, but this year I expect them to actually expand them as the GOP’s convention promises to be a disastrous amateur theatrical next to the professional Broadway spectacular the Dems will put on.

Imagine if you will, a convention that has Obama, Biden, Sanders, Liz Warren, numerous other Dem luminaries and finishes with Hillary making speeches exhorting America to live up to its promise, expand rights, contract inequality and respect everybody versus the GOP convention of… not sure what yet.  Three nights of Trump?  His kids?  Chris Christie?  A handful of Republicans who will show up making speeches for themselves, hardly mentioning the candidate (like Christie hilariously did in 2012, by the way).  Maybe Eastwood comes back with a table this time?

Imagine all of the Democratic senate candidates in those battleground states getting prime time exposure while their GOP opponents aren’t even in Cleveland. They’re in bunkers whiting out the word “Republican” from the posters and yard signs they had ordered.

There’s a time for pessimism.  This ain’t it.

One thought on “I Understand Fear, But it’s Not Close

  1. Wow!!?? What exactly is the upside of being complacent? And did you see the most recent swing state polls? This is an amazingly stupid country. Unemployment low; stock market record highs, and people think economy is a mess. White people angry that USA is about to be majority/ minority . There are reasons Trump got this far. And however one defines those reasons, impossible to be confident they and he won’t prevail

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