It’s Still a Lunatic with a (Too Big) Gun

Some thoughts about Dallas, but let’s not let Dallas completely obscure Baton Rouge and Minnesota.  No matter what this suspect said before they blew him up, he was a mass killer with access to a weapon or weapons of war. The Black Lives Matter versus the police false frame is going to overwhelm the reality that another maniac with too much firepower did it again.

They blew the dude up.  They sent a bomb in to blow the guy up!  That seems weird to me. Is this Fallujah?  Then when reporters asked about the suspect’s mental state all they could say was they don’t know, all they know is what he said.  Yeah, because he’s dead! They couldn’t wait him out?  Is it because he was black?  I keed!  In any case all those good guys with guns needed a bomb.

Actually they never said this morning he was black.  They just intimated that he sympathized with Black lives Matter and he wanted to kill white people…. so black.

A lot of talk this morning from the Dallas Police Chief and Mayor about how heroic cops are and join together in prayers and blah blah blah.  Nobody asked about the probably legal assault weapons the suspect (or suspects) had, whereby they were able to rain down a great many shots on the police in a short amount of time. This is getting to be a very old story.  Like a kid constantly touching a hot stove and the parents saying, it’s his right to touch a hot stove, his failure to learn is protected by the Constitution, ya know!

So sometimes the crazy person with a gun is a cop.  I don’t know if it’s racism in every case, but it sure is cowardice if these cops piss themselves every time they have to pull over  a black person to the point that if the black person twitches they start firing.  The reality of these scared, trigger happy cops doesn’t match the talk about the heroism.

I know they’re the vast minority and the majority are good cops… don’t make me blah blah blah again.

762 Americans killed by cops so far this year.  When, last night notwithstanding,  2015 and 2016 have seen very few fatalities among police.  They’re relatively safe, considering their job.  While many of our fellow citizens are scared shitless, of them!  WTF!

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