2nd Night of Last GOP Convention Ever

The lack of production values, imagination and enthusiasm continued on day 2 of the wake for the Republican Party.  The theme was Make America Work Again Make America Hate Hillary to Death, Burn Her!

Once again, it has to be said that the unprecedented weirdness is off the charts here. Almost nothing was said about the economy, jobs, economic policy, work, etc., the purported theme.

That time was spent hating Hillary, with Still Fat With No Prospects Chris Christie claiming to prosecute her for her supposed crimes, having the geriatric crowd get on their feet and yell guilty with their pitchforks and torches in hand.  Because he was a prosecutor you know.  Well, he got to be a prosecutor by bundling money for George W. Bush, so that’s all you need to know about his prosecutorial skills.  He didn’t so much “make a case” against her as read a bunch of RW internet site talking points and just pronounce her guilty of each one.  If he really thinks that’s how things work, then we now know why 4 of his closest aides and cronies are already under indictment or plead guilty and Christie will probably get indicted at some point as well.  The gall of somebody who deleted entire e-mail accounts and lost phones so he didn’t have to produce that evidence talking about anybody else’s e-mails is pretty darn rich!

Mr. Relaxation Ben Carson went off script and connected Hillary Clinton to Saul Alinsky and Lucifer, making a trifecta of the three most hated individuals in modern GOP minds.  Just as a side note, let us consider the mind boggling nature of the fact that every Fox News watching, RW radio listening conservative knows the name Saul Alinsky, and knows that he’s supposed to be leading the agenda for all Democrats/Socialists/Communists at all times, notwithstanding the fact that he died in 1972 and very few Democrats have even heard of him.  That’s your vast RW conspiracy right there.

Carson noted that Clinton admired Alinsky and Alinsky mentioned Lucifer in his book’s acknowledgments. What it proved is that Carson is insanely literal minded enough (no surprise) to believes in an actual Lucifer, and also that he does not get humor or irony at all.

Alinsky Capture

The highlight of the evening was the speech by Uday Trump Jr., whose speech got extra vetting I bet after last night’s Melania debacle that Mrs. Polislice believes was a set up to humiliate her.  But who would want to hurt a third wife?  Never heard of such a thing.  If this was “Game of Thromes” Melania and Barron would have been “Red Wedding’d” long ago.

So Uday Jr. gave a speech that sounded like he too has political aspirations. It would surprise me not at all if he ran for Senate in NY in the not too distant future (God forbid a Trump should aim small at some actual position in public service like Congress or City Council)!  Uday, born into the .1%, showed his touch for the common man by announcing how he despises elites and especially despises elite universities.

Uday Capture

The other thing everybody needs to know about that awfully nice Uday Jr. is that he likes hunting and mutilating animals for souvenirs.

Uday Capture Hunting

Looking forward to speech tonight by Mike Pence………………………….  sorry, fell asleep.

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