GOP Sets sad Record

Merrick Garland has now waited 158 days for a hearing to take a seat on the Supreme Court, which is the new record.  Of course, they never intended to give him a hearing, as Mitch McConnell admitted, they believe it’s their job to obstruct Obama and the Constitution, not fulfill it.

Brandeis was the previous record holder.  Brandeis was to be the first Jewish Supreme Court Justice and was also a militant social crusader, neither of which were popular with the elites of 1916, explaining his delay at a time when justices were approved often within a month of naming.

The current situation is, once again, a very weird symptom of the total lack of scruples of the Republican Party and their willingness, nay eagerness, to put ideology and party above country and Constitution.

Our life time quota for the word “unprecedented” is quickly being approached because of these douchebags.



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