3rd Night of GOP Wake Gets Really Irish

Uncle Ted showed up at the wake and instead of being reverent to the deceased, forgetting all past trespasses and letting bygones be bygones, he could not hold his tongue.  Or if you want to go with a wedding analogy, he could not hold his peace on this marriage from hell. However you want to characterize it, Lyin’ Ted Cruz would not endorse, which given how acrimonious the campaign was, what Trump said about his wife and father, you could applaud Ted for keeping his balls intact.  Certainly Christie handed his balls over to Trump only to have Trump sit on them.  “Little Marco” Rubio didn’t exactly hand his over, with his tepid video endorsement, but he did put them in a blind trust to capitulate like that.

It surely was the only real excitement in the hall of the entire 3 days so far.  Amazing how angry people get when they’ve bitten off, chewed and swallowed shit and then somebody stands there and says, “no thanks, I will not partake.”

It really had a wrestling vibe to it, didn’t it?  With the two arch enemies, supposedly burying the hatchet, but NO! Ted, the villain betrays Don, the villain (no honor among villains, ya know).  Then Donald shows up in the hall glaring down at Ted, his family stretching their botoxed faces to capacity with their grimaces.  I just wish Ted had grabbed a chair and smacked Donald over the head with it starting a real donnybrook in the hall! Melania, clad in gold thong, pulls Heidi’s hair!

This was so easily avoidable that either 1. Trump and his people showed just how deep their amateurism and incompetency go in this national campaign thingy (completely believable) or 2. it really was a set up for the waking up a somnambulant convo and the publicity, as he’s said over and over there’s no bad publicity (also really believable given who we’re talking about).

Everything last night other that that drama was the usual, typical, bunch of predictable lies, half truth and obfuscations that pass for inspiring rhetoric from a group of people living in a bizarro world where a story being debunked is never a good enough reason to waste it.  If you ask these people we’re less respected in the world than when Bush was president, the budget deficit has grown, unemployment and crime are up, we’re at war and Isis was Hillary Clinton’s fault.  George Bush destabilizing the entire region doesn’t enter into it, even when you add in that it’s confirmed that much of the Isis commanders were Baathists in the Iraqi army who were tossed out on their ears in 2003.  But that was 13 years ago, you elites and their details.  We’re common sense working people who  are tired of your elite central planing being handed down from ivory towers.  You can keep your elitist facts, we’ve got our bullshit that we accept as common sense even though it’s not at all common and quite a bit nonsensical.

Mike Pence gave a speech that would have sounded great in 1984 when conservatives were ascendant and still had the Soviet Union to rail against. Before Reagan and Bush I and II’s policies showed how bankrupt their policy proscriptions really were.  Before California, Oklahoma, Kansas (and most of the South) were left scraping the bottom of the economic barrel by those policies and California rebounded after repudiating and reversing them.

“conservative principles work every time you put them into practice.”

It sounds good until you actually enumerate those principles: outsourcing, anti-tax, anti-union, anti-public employees, anti-equal rights, anti-voting rights. They make it sound pretty sunny, but it’s a long list of negatives.  And they never work, ever, unless your goal is to hollow out economies, then they work like a charm.

To Pence, whose re-election as governor was iffy although he claimed Indiana is in an unprecedented renaissance (it’s not), conservatism has never been wrong and is working miracles all the time.  He probably sees angels everywhere too. He claimed the largest tax cut in Indiana history, but that’s easy since there have only been two… in the state’s history!  And that best credit rating in the country he touted (actually one of 15 states with AAA) was achieved before he became governor.

Pence epitomizes conventional GOP thinking from 1984 and that’s why he’s on the ticket with Trump unifying a dysfunctional party, Cruz notwithstanding.

While Pence was saying how Trump would always stand with our friends and against our enemies (because Hillary would do the opposite, we all know) Trump had given an interview to the NY Times in which he alarmingly stated he would not necessarily stand with our friends. As The Atlantic states, Clinton is actually running against Putin because Trump is aligning himself with the Russian strongman in weakening NATO and softening a plank in the GOP platform about providing lethal aid for Ukraine in their struggle against Russia.

The Republican nominee for president, Donald J. Trump, has chosen this week to unmask himself as a de facto agent of Russian President Vladimir Putin, a KGB-trained dictator who seeks to rebuild the Soviet empire by undermining the free nations of Europe, marginalizing NATO, and ending America’s reign as the world’s sole superpower.

This interview is so disturbing and will be the story for the foreseeable future, stepping on Trump’s speech tonight. But that’s the way it goes with these people.  Let a businessman run the country, let an outsider take over for a change.

It’s like sending your just out of high school recruit up to bat in the World Series.  Even if you thought he was extremely talented, you would never do it, the stakes are too high. They don’t know what they’re doing.

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