Rainy Sunday Thoughts

Just saw Avik Roy, former Romney spokesperson say the GOP is in a death spiral. Hm, who else has said that?  Here, here, here and here, and many more time going back to the beginning of this blog and the 10 years before that to anybody who would let me bend their ear.  When a party expels their managers and experts and becomes a slave to talk radio nonsense and repudiated ideologies they cease to be a party. Not so tough to predict.

I think this works: What’s conservative about choosing the least proven commodity for the most important office?

Something else that works is asking Trump supporters exactly what policies he will enact to “make America great again.”  Even his spokespersons on TV are gobsmacked by that question (not that that’s a high bar) because he has made no actual proposals. On Facebook and other social media, it does shut them up for at least as long as it takes for them to realize they have nothing to say.

For the Trump supporters that just want change – it’s like when your group is looking for a restaurant, someone suggests you should do something different and one of the group suggests eating  garbage from a dumpster, because that change would be refreshing and see where eating in restaurants have gotten us!

(h/t to the person who said the choice between Ds and Rs today has become so weird that it’s like trying to figure out where to eat with your partner and you suggest Italian and they say they’d like to eat rusty hub caps. )

Just some rainy day thoughts.


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