Eye Opening Trip to the Local Mall

Went to my local mall on Saturday and was shocked, shocked I say, to see how many of my neighbors were Asian. A lot!!!

When we moved to our current location 12 years ago it was pretty darn white.  But if perambulation through my local capitalist hellhole (and Auntie Anne’s, I exclude them from condemnation, num pretzels!) is any indication of the demographic change in the area, holy moly has my slice of central New Jersey gone Asian.

75% of the people I saw and ALL of the young families were from the Indian subcontinent. Now it makes sense, as this is one of the fastest growing populations in the country and especially in places with concentrations of high tech jobs. My area is chockablock with pharmaceutical and tech companies (which keep my property taxes lower than average for NJ, thank you!).

It gave me some hope to be able to flip my House district from the do-nothing Republican empty suit we’ve had since I moved here.  Shhh, but the growing Asian population votes even more reliably Democratic than blacks do.

It was just surprising to see how fast this population has grown around my area.  Unless it was just a freak Asian holiday that compelled them to all go to the mall.

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