Paul Ryan “I’m a Pathetic Fraud. Smack this ass, please, smack this ass! I beg you!”

Complete fraud Paul Ryan, who despite his completely fraudulent career had to be begged to be Speaker of the House, because who the fuck else is there? went on yesterday about his beautiful idyllic vision of Republican values while attempting to ignore the real face of Republican values that makes said values a despicable lie.

paul ryan images

And so it’s very clear that there is going to be noise and news of the day that can clearly distract government. It can distract Congress. It can distract the people of this country.

But to me, what gets me up in the morning—what gets me excited—are ideas, good ideas, ideas that work, ideas that improve people’s lives, ideas that get our country to reach its potential. That is why we stand here and fight for ideas, and we know if we stick to it—if we keep pushing and pounding good ideas—we will cut through all of the noise.

The people want to see Congress and their elected leaders tackle those tough problems, not duck them. They’re sick of the paralysis, and they’re hungry for results.

Because we want to bring people together, not divide them, because we want to break the gridlock, not perpetuate it, because we want fresh ideas not outdated ideas Republicans are offering a better way to fix this county’s big pressing problems…


Secondly, how standing with Donald Trump achieves anything but make that language almost comical is the question somebody needed to ask.

Lastly, the only appropriate reaction to anything Paul Ryan says is: “shut the fuck up ya wanker!”

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