hacktacular Hackism is rampant I say

Example 1 of Hackism in the cause of Both-Sides-Do-Itism is Mark Halperin, who is such a hack it should be written in as big a font as available


Halperin and guest sidekick Donnie Deutsch were discussing Trump’s Second Amendment comments.  How awful it was.  Now when I heard it I thought about Sharron Angle and her “second amendment remedies” comment in 2010. Other people did as well.  Nobody, nobody thought about Joe Biden. What?  Joe Biden?  What the hell did Joe Biden ever say that was analogous?

Halperin:  “Now, we should say he’s not the first person under Secret Service protection to joke about guns and violence.  Here’s Joe Biden from 2008 campaigning in West Virginia (shows clip of Biden):

Halperin again: “Tries to pull my Baretta he’s got a problem” Taking about his running mate, both of whom are under Secret Service protection at the time. Same to me, same kind of thing (emphasis added).  Making a joke about someone being protected.”

Donnie rightly said not the same, not the same context. But Halperin continued to assert that Republicans would use the Biden clip to show that Democrats also, too joke about guns, so Both-Sides-Do-It.  Yahtzee!!

That fucking blew my mind. Of course Halperin always has to find a Democratic analog, no matter how hard it is, no matter how much of a pretzel he has to twist himself.  He for sure pulled a hammie stretching for that one.  And no, nobody else has brought up Biden’s comments, not even Trump since Tuesday.  Just Mark Fucking “Hacktacular” Halperin.

Example 2 is Hack Emeritus Bob Woodward.  Claiming that the excesses of some of the Clinton backers are fueling Trump’s excesses.  Yes, you heard that right.  If the Democrats were just kinder with Trump, he wouldn’t be so awful, disgusting and ridiculous.  So whatever outrage Trump does or says it’s Dems fault to some extent.  Maybe not 50%, but you know 40%, maybe.

“I think it’s got to be said this is not just about Trump,” Woodward said in an appearance on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe.” “A lot of the people who really are opposed to Trump, I think, are engaged in some excessive rhetoric also.”

He went on to cite a Wednesday column by New York Times columnist Thomas Friedman, who wrote Trump’s children “should be ashamed” of their father for his remark about “Second Amendment people” and called the GOP nominee “a disgusting human being.”

Friedman’s opinion of Trump as “disgusting” is a “reasonable opinion,” Woodward said, but said he couldn’t recall another time in 40 years of covering politics when someone violated the “zone of protection” generally respected for candidates’ children.

“That makes no sense. So, the excess is feeding both sides on this,” he said.


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