Trump Campaign 2.0 gonna be a doozy

Trump said he didn’t want to pivot, he is who he is, so the more presidential, statesmanlike and responsible candidate move the GOP was hoping for was never gonna happen. But I bet they never saw that further move down the road to racism and nationalism coming.

His new, highly unqualified, campaign manager runs Breitbart News and what we can expect from the fire-breathing, Sarah Palin supporting crap monger is a double down on racism, separatism and unabashedly pushing every crazy anti-Clinton theory they can buy time to push.

Bannon, in phone calls and meetings, has been urging Trump for months to not mount a fall campaign that makes Republican donors and officials comfortable, the aides said. Instead, Bannon has been telling Trump to run more fully as an outsider and an unabashed nationalist.

Trump has listened intently to Bannon and agreed with him, believing that voters will ultimately want a presidential candidate who represents disruption more than a candidate with polished appeal, the aides said.

“Mr. Bannon,” it continued, “once recognized by Bloomberg Politics as the ‘most dangerous political operative in America,’ will oversee the campaign staff and operations in addition to strategic oversight of major campaign initiatives in addition to working with Mr. Manafort.”

Bannon is another nail in the coffin of GOP respectability. It won’t work to get Trump elected.  But it will make for an ugly, nasty disgusting rest of the campaign. Bannon and Trump promise to unleash a venomous European nationalist party campaign of hate, propaganda and potential violence.

I’d applaud this move as pushing the GOP further towards oblivion, but I’m afraid someone’s going to get killed because of these people.


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