Future Trump?

It’s entirely conceivable that Trump’s aspirations are to be an American Putin and that his vision of how to achieve that is to be the leader of a cult of personality white nationalist political front. He’s 70, that may be what he envisions for the next 10 years.

Assuming that’s his goal, the question then is whether he can take the Republican Party down that road, and it’s not certain that he can’t, given that the establishment of the party has shown almost no backbone in fighting for the integrity of the Party of Lincoln. The result would be a GOP that is further diminished from its already retreating base as a national party.

If they do find some testicular fortitude and put up a fight, then Trump can take his angry minions and start an America First Party, just to pull a likely name out of the past. Which would result in two conservative parties splitting that vote, and more or less fighting each other in some sections of the country with little to no influence in other places (California is practically a no-go zone for Republicans now).

This possibility would allow the actual Republican Party to welcome back a lot of moderates who were scared off and lurch back to the conservative middle, which is still kind of off to the right by 20th century standards. So not so much antagonism towards gays, but still pretty anti-choice, maybe willing to admit climate change is real and maybe willing to work with Democrats a tad.

But the biggest consequence might be for the Democrats who can be pretty much as progressive as they want for a while as the only viable national party serving the center-left… you know, where the American people actually are.  Like the 30s and 40s, the Dems could have all three branches of government for long enough to make some progress, and set a Supreme Court up to keep an new enlightenment going for a generation.

Just spit balling here.  Trump may just disappear after November 8 and re-emerge with a new wife and a segment on QVC selling Trump Wigs.™

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