So who would be with Trump?

Paul Manafort resigned, because oddly enough Trump never fires anybody on this campaign. For a guy who is known mainly for firing people he never fires ANYONE who believes he should be president. But Manafort had to resign because of the distraction over the secret payments he got from Ukrainian Putin disciple Viktor Yanukovych.

The next guy to probably have to go is Trump foreign policy advisor Joseph Schmitz, who is accused of making vile anti-Semitic statements when he worked at the Defense Dept.

In a complaint file obtained by McClatchy, senior intelligence official Daniel Meyer wrote of Schmitz, “His summary of his tenure’s achievement reported as ‘…I fired the Jews.’” Meyer, who worked in the Pentagon inspector general’s office, cited another Pentagon official, John Crane, as the source and witness to Schmitz’s alleged remark.

Now he denies it and claims “I am quite proud of the Jewish heritage of my wife of 38 years”.  But his wife merely had a grandmother who was Jewish, and has never been a practicing Jew, so that statement seems like a bit of “kosherwashing.”

It seems pretty extreme and weird to imagine anybody saying or thinking things like this in this day and age, but like my (actually) Jewish father always said “the apple doesn’t fall too far from the tree” and this guy Schmitz had a father who was a real winner.

Schmitz is the son of the late John G. Schmitz, the former ultraconservative congressman from Orange County, California. In 1972, he was drafted by the American Independent Party to run for president against Richard Nixon after Alabama Gov. George Wallace was shot In Maryland. As a sitting congressman, Schmitz refused to comment after he wrote the foreword and endorsed the publication of a book that contained widely-condemned anti-Semitic propaganda and was written by a longtime member of the John Birch society. John G. Schmitz was also a member of the organization, but his membership was revoked for holding views still too far right, even for the very conservative group.

So let’s just run that back again. The father was run out of an infamous hate group because he hated too much even for them! And when George Wallace was shot, it was John G. Schmitz that was recruited to run on the American Independence Party line for president. That’s quite a resume of hate, my friends.

So maybe Papa said a few things around the house when young Joseph was in his formative years?  Maybe something about Jews mentioned at the breakfast table. It could happen.

Trump has brought all of these people out of the woodwork. They need to be shoved back in there.

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