Christie Still Governor, Still Awful

It always shocks me when I’m reminded that Dead End Chris Christie is still my governor. Then some terrible decision is made and it all seems so natural. He vetoed a gradual raise in the minimum wage to $15 over 5 years. Which means that it’s entirely possible that someone doing the same job in NY could be making $15 per hour in 2018 and making under $9.00 an hour across the Hudson. That would be absurd and could possibly create an artificial glut of workers in NY competing for those jobs. (The transportation ain’t cheap, but $6 bucks an hour difference more than makes up for a NJ Transit ticket.) NJ restaurants and stores would be compelled to raise their wages somewhat to make an effort to compete, which I suppose Christie and his supply side ilk would applaud as “the way the system is supposed to work.”

So there you have the difference between liberal and conservative economics in a nut shell:  Dems/progressives/liberals would force business to do what they should be doing voluntarily (whether that’s pay better wages, give sick days, better benefits, better environmental practices, etc.) and  Reps/conservatives/libertarians hate business being compelled to do anything unless the market demands it. The problem with that from my Dem/progressive/liberal viewpoint is that they still might not do it and the economy overall suffers (and people in general certainly suffer) from their stubbornness.

Now I believe that the next governor of NJ, if it’s  a Democrat (and it likely will be), will make this happen as soon as possible after taking office in January 2018 and fix these unique fact patterns.

P.S. You know what’s scary?  Dead End Christie cannot run for governor again in 2017, BUT there’s nothing to prohibit him from coming back 4 years later and running again. My neighbors are very stupid.

P.S.S. Dems in the NJ State Senate will put this issue on the ballot in 2017, like they did in 2014. It won. It’ll win again.


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