Happy Friday – G.L.O.W. Edition

Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling or G.L.O.W.was a TV show from 1986-1990 that was the definition of a guilty-pleasure:  lovely, scantily clad women fake wrestling in a comedic way that showed that everybody knew it was a goof. It was awful, stupid and I never missed an episode.

I thought I might be the last person alive who remembered G.L.O.W. but apparently Jenji Kohan, creator of two of my favorite TV series (Weeds and Orange is the New Black) is creating a series with the uber-adorable Alison Brie (MadMen and Community!!!!) as an actress whose big chance is to be a cast member in G.L.O.W.

This is instantly my most anticipated new show of 2016.

On You Tube you can watch the entire first season highlights. For which there is only one appropriate reply: there were highlights?

I love this clip in German, because of course this was being shown all over the world and translated into dozens of languages. America, cultural ambassador of schlock!

I’ll save you the trouble of finding out who won the Season 2 Battle Royale, it was Tina Ferrari!!!  Now I am consumed with finding out where that actress (actlete?) is 30 years later.

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