post-election Trump media outlet gets another hire

Trump hired another conservative poop thrower with no campaign experience to be his deputy campaign manager. David Bossie, long time Clinton stalker and Citizen’s United president David Bossie is now a part of the cockeyed caravan heading towards November 8th loss and November 9th mega-conservative/alt right/nazi media outlet announcement.

He is a friend of Bannon and Conway whose political projects have often overlapped with his own. He is close to the secretive Mercer family, who have funded his organizations and been major backers of Trump’s candidacy.

That leaves three Mercer allies — Bannon, Conway and Bossie — atop the Trump campaign. Hedge-fund investor Robert L. Mercer and his daughter, Rebekah, were key players in urging Trump to reshuffle his campaign this summer.

There’s no pretending that this is even a campaign anymore – it’s a right wing nut job pajama party.  The Trump Network will sell itself as a conservative alternative to Fox News. Yes, that’s right Fox News is just a bunch of libtards to these people – they’re going to be vying for the favors of that KKK, confederate flag, swastika tattoo demographic.


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