Phyllis Schlafly, Dead in the 21st Century, Lived in the 18th.

Hat tip to TV’s Frank Conniff for that great line.

Schlafly was once of the most influential right wing nut jobs of the 20th century.

Schlafly, a delegate for the most recent Republican National Convention, had participated in every party convention since 1952. In an interview with Think Progress, she defended the GOP’s notoriously anti-women platform, lambasted the military’s opening of combat roles to women and railed against efforts for equal pay and paid parental leave.

“[That’s] not what we want at all,” she told the outlet. “Women don’t need anything special … We’ve got very generous family leave right now. I do think the support of the children is the responsibility of the husband, not the employer.”

She will be best remembered, however, as the leader of the fight against the Equal Rights Amendment, which she said she waged on the grounds that women needed no additional protection beyond that provided by existing laws.

The great Michelle Goldberg shows how anti-feminist Schlafly embodied feminism and was ultimately screwed by the men who loved her for defending them and their patriarchy.

Schlafly was rumored to want a post in Reagan’s administration, but apparently she was never seriously considered. To some feminists, her snubbing proved that opportunities for women were not “near-infinite” after all.


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