Trump was awful if you saw it, but just, you know, not as polished, if you go by the media

  1. Claimed to know (from body language) that his national security briefers are very upset with Obama;
  2. Continued his bromance with Putin because Putin said nice things about him;
  3. Lied again about his support for the Iraq war;
  4. Said again we should have taken the oil (a war crime and not an option);
  5. Said the military needs a court system (JAG you idiot! Did you see “A Few Good Men”?);
  6. Said the generals are rubble and he’d have different ones;
  7. But he has great respect for the military (yeah sure);
  8. Like a kid caught in a lie insisted he has a plan for Isis but, you know, if the generals (the new ones presumably) have a better plan, he’d go with that, no plan; and
  9. there’s more but I get tired.

But Hillary promised not to put any more American troops into Iraq or Syria and that’s a bad idea. They said that, they actually said that on the TV because just going after all of Trump’s low hanging fruit would have made them seem partisan.

In the morning light it was clearer that the real loser was Matt Lauer for constantly interrupting Clinton and never interrupting Trump. Never calling him on his lies either and handing him softballs like: “so would you be ready on day 1”?  Even a non-narcissist and egomanic would have said yes to that. Jeeesh!

The takeaway was Clinton Presidential and knowledgeable and Trump was a con man.


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