You Should Have Good Health

This bullshit focus on “health” to make it an “issue” is maybe even more frustrating than the media’s bullshit focus on polling and gotchas and their lame “what does it all mean?” analysis instead of dealing with actual policy and temperament differences which are legion. In 2016 we have a candidate and a con man and if you’re not telling that story, you are normalizing the con man.

  1. Like tax returns, every presidential candidate should be completely transparent with their health records; however, unlike with taxes, certain health matters really are private and not relevant to voters. So figure out the balance, don’t look like you’re hiding stuff and for crying out loud, do not issue ridiculous letters claiming you’re the healthiest candidate ever like it’s North Korea!
  2. This is largely a primary issue – if there were any real health issues they should have been part of the parties’ vetting process, and they were. It’s too late once it gets to the general. The two parties and their candidates are so polarized, so diametrically different on the issues that, like in 1944 with FDR, if the people knew FDR was so ill they’d have still voted for him because the alternative was to dismantle the previous 12 years of policy. In 2016 I’d vote for Hillary Clinton no matter what her health “issues” because I would be okay with a President Tim Kaine before I’d ever want a President Trump or Pence.
  3. Health is another non-issue issue usually only driven by the media because they’d rather talk about that than really delving into military policy, trade policy or foreign policy.  In 2016 Trump’s crazy caravan had actually tried to make it an issue with their nonsensical claims of everything from mental impairment to paralysis and such ill health that she needs help taking stairs.  It’s unfortunate that, their asinine trolling sometimes pays off when a real event seemingly gives credence to their ridiculousness.

For what it’s worth if you get diagnosed with pneumonia and you keep to your grueling schedule because you’re running for president, you are, by any definition, a bad ass and taking care of business.  It’s just the media’s patented center of the universe egocentrism that demands that Hillary needed to be upfront with them about what her doctor told her on Friday, if she hadn’t nearly fainted on Sunday they wouldn’t know about the diagnosis on Friday and that’s evidence that Hillary is not forthcoming, or something.

By the way, you know she’s wearing a bulletproof vest under that jacket and blouse? Yeah, that can’t be helpful in the heat.

It’s all crazy!


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