I Do Not Welcome Our Superbug Overlords

It’s one of my pet issues, the chronic unthinking abuse of antibiotics and the subsequent rise of superbugs.  The UN is having an emergency meeting about it today.

Now, the General Assembly is meeting to tackle a global health crisis that’s estimated to “kill more people than cancer” does now in the coming decades. Antibiotic resistance causes the deaths of at least 700,000 people annually. That number is expected to balloon to 10 million by 2050.

Right, as we continue our climb out of medicine’s dark ages*, our knowledge evolves and we develop ever more sophisticated techniques and treatments to conquer other diseases, some of our earliest conquests will be returning to scourge us as we’ve squandered the miracle of antibiotics by taking them like candy with no repercussions.

Well, it’s fecal transplants for everybody, on me, ’cause they work!  Someday telling someone they’re full of shit will be a compliment.  And then people will start abusing that too, somehow.  We’ll figure it out.

* I have long held that it’s pure arrogance to say that the dark ages ended around 1500AD, future historians will hold that it continued and included the 20th and 21st centuries, despite our technical advances. A new corollary holds that in the future a lot of our modern medical practices will be considered as backwards as we now look back at things like bloodletting.

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