We Had a Heluva Day Yesterday

The real upside of the Trump campaign is that it brought it all out in the open.

  1. Trump Mahoning County, OH campaign manager says racism didn’t exist before Obama.

“I don’t think there was any racism until Obama got elected. We never had problems like this. I’m in the real estate industry. There’s none. Now, the people with the guns and shootin’ up neighborhoods and not being responsible citizens—that’s a big change. And I think that’s the philosophy that Obama has perpetuated on America. I think that’s all his responsibility. And if you’re black, and you haven’t been successful in the last 50 years, it’s your own fault.”

2. Congressman Robert Pittinger R-NC, who reps parts of Charlotte, but probably not the problem parts, said that protesters “hate white people.” Play the clip, it’s precious. The look on the BBC interviewer’s face alone is priceless.

3. Instapundit, a right wing blow hard who, sadly for students there is a law professor at the University of Tennessee, Tweeted that if you see Charlotte protesters in the road you should “run them down”, and then he was shocked that people might not understand his sentiment. It was all about public safety, of course. Some times you have to run down the crowd to save them.

4. Donald Trump life insurance policy Mike Pence, said that we have to cool talk of institutional racism in regards to police. No doubt he doesn’t believe it exists anywhere, but certainly not amongst the police. Can we point you to the fact that they wear blue, it’s a dark color, so clearly there can be no prejudice there. It’s the blacks and libruls and Hillary Clinton that are dividing this country.

Pence called the riots in Charlotte “heartbreaking,” and asserted that “too much of our politics in recent years has been about dividing the American people.”

At a separate rally in the city later in the afternoon, Pence specifically called out Hillary Clinton for engaging in that divisiveness after she denounced “systemic racism” during a campaign speech in Orlando on Wednesday.

5. And of course, Donald Trump himself said that we should do national stop and frisk, a law enforcement  strategy which was solely effective at pissing off brown and black people for constantly harassing them on their way to work. It was just a way to extend “driving while black” to pedestrians, which is just fair.

6. Trump also shocked everyone by saying that the only reason he said that Obama was born in this country was to get on with his campaign.  He really isn’t like other politicians who would be all dishonest about why he contradicted 5 years of stupid and hateful rhetoric and not admit he had his fingers crossed when he denounced birtherism. Of course he’s still a birther, wouldn’t you like to be a birther too?

“Well, I just wanted to get on with, you know, we want to get on with the campaign. And a lot of people were asking me questions.”

Let’s just all remember that it’s way worse to be called racist than to be one. And it’s the ones that cry racism that are the real racists.  Also, shooting unarmed people is just the price of doing business, but protesting such shootings is absolutely UNAMURICAN. You don’t see white people protesting all of their injustices and boy howdy we could say a few things about you people holding us down, but we won’t say it because you’ll get the wrong idea and call us racist and then it’s ON! Vote Trump!!!

And that thinking is all out in the open now.




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