It’s Not Just Trump, These People Lie Like Breathing

Trump’s sociopathic antipathy towards truth is pretty well documented. Just in the last few days The New York Times printed this and Politico did this. Mike Pence thought he’d get in on this fabulist fad too this morning while working the refs about the upcoming debate.  He asserted, as other Republicans have too, that both Candy Crowley and Obama lied during that debate when they caught Romney trying to pass off a well worn right wing lie. But she and the president were telling the truth.

The story that Obama hadn’t called the Benghazi attack “an act of terror” was GOP propaganda. Romney got caught very publicly spreading it, and other operatives pathetically continued it in 2012. But they were all lying. The tape said so. And now here 4 years later they’re still trying to pass off that zombie lie.

It’s who they are and why today’s GOP is not a normal party by historical standards. No matter how many times a lie is debunked they’ll keep pushing it, confidently knowing their seemingly hypnotized base will back them up no matter how dishonest they are.

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