It’s ALL About the Supreme Court

ALL!  Jeffrey Toobin points out that there has not been a liberal majority in the Court since the Nixon Administration!  Nixon!!  We have a shot now.  You can’t pass those shots up.

The membership of the Court now reflects the partisan divisions in the rest of the country, where crossover voting rarely takes place anymore. There are only four Republican appointees on the Court: Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr. (nominated by George W. Bush), Kennedy (Ronald Reagan), Clarence Thomas (George H. W. Bush), and Samuel Alito (George W. Bush). They are matched by four Democratic appointees: Ginsburg (Bill Clinton), Breyer (Clinton), Sonia Sotomayor (Barack Obama), and Elena Kagan (Obama). “There has not been a definitively liberal majority on the Supreme Court since Nixon was President,” Noah Feldman, a professor at Harvard Law School, said. “Ever since then, liberals have sometimes managed to cobble together majorities to avoid losing—on issues like affirmative action and abortion—but the energy and the initiative have been on the conservative side. That stopped, at least for now, this year.”

The short-sighted must be reminded – everything they want in regards to getting money out of politics, gerrymandering, public financing of elections, climate change (regulating pollutants), abortion rights, voting rights, labor organizing, affirmative action,  etc. etc. etc. it all depends on the Supreme Court.  Elected officials come and go, all temporary.  But the Court goes on playing a long game.  Conservatives have played this game, understanding that politics is full of pendulum swings, but if you have the courts, you are impervious to the most drastic changes when it all swings left. The left just seemed to have figured this out recently.



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