So What’s Going On? You Watching Monday Night Football Tonight?

OMG I’ve never seen so many nervous people completely invested in the polls and this debate.  Personally, as a sports fan this is not new to me.  I am totally squirmy about tonight, but it’s no different than what I feel every Sunday when the Jets play or when the Mets are in a must win situation.

I feel sorry for non-sports fans who are having all these unfamiliar feelings.  Hint, drinking helps!  Line up the shots and we’ll get through this.


This Trump induced hysteria is real.  Michelle Goldberg talks to psychologists who are seeing an upsurge in anxiety because of Trump and this stupid election.

Carol Wachs, a psychologist in private practice in Manhattan, recently started seeing an old patient again. The client had first sought treatment for anxiety following the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11. Now she was worried about a new menace: Donald Trump and his zealous supporters. The patient, Wachs says, comes from a family of Holocaust survivors, and “it feels to her like all the stories she heard from her grandparents about how things feel normal and then all of the sudden, oh my God, here we are.”

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