This is Why I Quit Hollywood

Paramount took a $115 million dollar write off owing to the film “Monster Trucks.”  Don’t try to remember if you saw it with your kids, you didn’t.  It hasn’t been released.  It was originally supposed to be released summer (natch) of 2015 and it’s been worked and re-worked since then.

This kind of thing is not that unusual, (news flash: studios make a lot of dreck) but in this case the price tag and the provenance of the film make it a very painful brain fart for Paramount.  The concept was created by a one-time studio president with the input of his 4-year old son.

The idea for the film—what if monster trucks had real, live monsters in them? Burping monsters?—was developed by one-time studio president Adam Goodman with the help of his then-4-year-old son, who is now the undisputed world champion of economic collapse, preschool division. The studio was seeking properties that could sell toys and become franchises, and it seems that the inexplicable success of Paramount’s Transformers films, combined with development work from a gifted 4-year-old, sent the company off the rails. When the trailer came out this summer—after picking our jaws off the floor—we tracked the HR carnage the project has already left in its wake: Goodman has left Paramount, as has Bob Bacon, the one-time head of Paramount Animation, the division behind Monster Trucks.

This is how shit gets done in Hollywood.  Literally, how SHIT gets made.  This Onion interview with a the 5 year old screenwriter of “Fast Five” is not even an exaggeration anymore.



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