Actual Conservatives Exist

As I’ve said, the most conservative choice in this election is Hillary Clinton. Certainly not ideologically, but in the context of her being the safe, known, qualified and quantifiable choice.  How on Earth is it remotely conservative to choose the biggest question mark in electoral history for the biggest job on the planet?

Newspaper endorsements may not mean a hill of quinoa anymore but these editorial boards seem to be the last bastion of actual honest to God conservatism, willing to put country over party.

The Arizona Republic endorses Hillary, first Dem. in entire 126 year history.

This goes along with the Dallas Morning News which hadn’t endorsed a Dem. in 50 years. The Cincinnati Enquirer, which hadn’t endorsed a Dem. since Woodrow Wilson!

The crazy conservative Republican New Hampshire Union Leader punked out on endorsing Hillary but denounced Trump and endorsed Gary Johnson, which is as much as you can expect from some corners.

Who knows if these things help anymore, but they sure illustrate how unthinkable he is for those who are thinking.

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