The Most Irrational People of 2016

Are the few, hopefully very few (but I know there are some), people in swing states like Ohio who supported Bernie Sanders and are now planning to vote for Gary Johnson.  Not only is it a wasted vote, it’s a stupid vote because Gary Johnson is not just an unprepared waste of time, HE DOESN’T BELIEVE ANYTHING THAT BERNIE BELIEVES.

Except maybe for pot.  That’s it.  Just pot and the drug war.  Everything else in the universe, he disagrees with Bernie.  Bernie would actually be more interventionist than Johnson.

• Johnson favors fully privatized health care.

• Johnson’s support for gun ownership rights aligns with the Libertarian Party platform, which opposes gun restrictions of all kinds.

• Johnson “believes there is no role for the federal government in education.” He would cut the Department of Education.

• Johnson believes the climate is probably changing and humans are probably contributing. He supports the federal government’s interest in protecting the environment, but believes that should happen by punishing polluters, not intervening in energy markets or subsidizing certain energy sources.

• Johnson advocates for a free market with small government and limited regulation. He favors tax reform that would create a single consumption tax that is the same rate for all goods and all purchasers. Basic necessities would be covered by a “prebate” — a monthly payment given to every taxpaying household by the government.

He keeps proving himself a space cadet, but just looking at his positions, there’s almost no crossover with progressives except on pot.  IT JUST MAKES NO FUCKING SENSE FOR ANY BERNIE SUPPORTER TO VOTE FOR JOHNSON. ESPECIALLY IN A SWING STATE.

These people need to get their heads out of their butts.  You know who you are, Ohio!


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