California Once Again Leading (and not just on Mexican Food, Mmmm Mexican Food)

The California story always bears repeating.  In 1978 Proposition 13 reduced and capped property taxes, and created a 2/3 requirement for any tax increases in the state legislature. The upshot of which was diminishing California from one of the leading states in business and education to competing with Mississippi.  As budgets crumbled, and schools and infrastructure with it, California Republicans stood firm on not increasing taxes, ever, under any circumstances.  Until the last 5 years.  With the re-election of Jerry Brown and the utter destruction of the California Republican Party, so that Democrats took full control of the state, came a resurgence.  They have gotten their seemingly insuperable budget issues under control and are back in a leadership position in the country.

One of the areas they’re leading on is on public finance of elections.  They’re making a major reform to open up public funding throughout the most populous state in the nation.

Besides having a Supreme Court that overturns Citizen’s United (or an amendment to the Constitution stating that money is not speech), one of the biggest things we can do to get control over our democracy is an embrace of public financing.

“California’s leaders are hearing from voters who are fed up with playing second fiddle to wealthy special interests,” Kathay Feng, executive director of California Common Cause, said in a statement. “This bill gives Californians new options to amplify the voices of everyday voters in election campaigns.”

We need that good stuff from sea to rising sea.


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