It’s ALL About the Supreme Court

ALL!  Jeffrey Toobin points out that there has not been a liberal majority in the Court since the Nixon Administration!  Nixon!!  We have a shot now.  You can’t pass those shots up.

The membership of the Court now reflects the partisan divisions in the rest of the country, where crossover voting rarely takes place anymore. There are only four Republican appointees on the Court: Chief Justice John G. Roberts, Jr. (nominated by George W. Bush), Kennedy (Ronald Reagan), Clarence Thomas (George H. W. Bush), and Samuel Alito (George W. Bush). They are matched by four Democratic appointees: Ginsburg (Bill Clinton), Breyer (Clinton), Sonia Sotomayor (Barack Obama), and Elena Kagan (Obama). “There has not been a definitively liberal majority on the Supreme Court since Nixon was President,” Noah Feldman, a professor at Harvard Law School, said. “Ever since then, liberals have sometimes managed to cobble together majorities to avoid losing—on issues like affirmative action and abortion—but the energy and the initiative have been on the conservative side. That stopped, at least for now, this year.”

The short-sighted must be reminded – everything they want in regards to getting money out of politics, gerrymandering, public financing of elections, climate change (regulating pollutants), abortion rights, voting rights, labor organizing, affirmative action,  etc. etc. etc. it all depends on the Supreme Court.  Elected officials come and go, all temporary.  But the Court goes on playing a long game.  Conservatives have played this game, understanding that politics is full of pendulum swings, but if you have the courts, you are impervious to the most drastic changes when it all swings left. The left just seemed to have figured this out recently.



Kevin Drum Reminds Us About Post-Debate Spin

People who watched the first Bush-Gore debate thought Gore won, but over the next few weeks media went after Gore’s performance and by the time the election came around perceptions had completely reversed.  Anybody who lived through 2000 knows how true it was that while Karl Rove made Bush passably presidential enough, it was the media who denigrated Gore enough that an election that should have gone one way, went the other (thanks Florida!!)

Among people who actually watched the debate, Gore seemed fine. He knew his stuff, he attacked without seeming mean, and no one seemed to notice any sighing. But then the analysts put together a mix tape of every one of Gore’s sighs, and it was game over. Gore was a laughingstock.

It sure made sighing a debate no-no. Lord we are a stupid people!

This is Why I Quit Hollywood

Paramount took a $115 million dollar write off owing to the film “Monster Trucks.”  Don’t try to remember if you saw it with your kids, you didn’t.  It hasn’t been released.  It was originally supposed to be released summer (natch) of 2015 and it’s been worked and re-worked since then.

This kind of thing is not that unusual, (news flash: studios make a lot of dreck) but in this case the price tag and the provenance of the film make it a very painful brain fart for Paramount.  The concept was created by a one-time studio president with the input of his 4-year old son.

The idea for the film—what if monster trucks had real, live monsters in them? Burping monsters?—was developed by one-time studio president Adam Goodman with the help of his then-4-year-old son, who is now the undisputed world champion of economic collapse, preschool division. The studio was seeking properties that could sell toys and become franchises, and it seems that the inexplicable success of Paramount’s Transformers films, combined with development work from a gifted 4-year-old, sent the company off the rails. When the trailer came out this summer—after picking our jaws off the floor—we tracked the HR carnage the project has already left in its wake: Goodman has left Paramount, as has Bob Bacon, the one-time head of Paramount Animation, the division behind Monster Trucks.

This is how shit gets done in Hollywood.  Literally, how SHIT gets made.  This Onion interview with a the 5 year old screenwriter of “Fast Five” is not even an exaggeration anymore.



So What’s Going On? You Watching Monday Night Football Tonight?

OMG I’ve never seen so many nervous people completely invested in the polls and this debate.  Personally, as a sports fan this is not new to me.  I am totally squirmy about tonight, but it’s no different than what I feel every Sunday when the Jets play or when the Mets are in a must win situation.

I feel sorry for non-sports fans who are having all these unfamiliar feelings.  Hint, drinking helps!  Line up the shots and we’ll get through this.


This Trump induced hysteria is real.  Michelle Goldberg talks to psychologists who are seeing an upsurge in anxiety because of Trump and this stupid election.

Carol Wachs, a psychologist in private practice in Manhattan, recently started seeing an old patient again. The client had first sought treatment for anxiety following the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11. Now she was worried about a new menace: Donald Trump and his zealous supporters. The patient, Wachs says, comes from a family of Holocaust survivors, and “it feels to her like all the stories she heard from her grandparents about how things feel normal and then all of the sudden, oh my God, here we are.”

It’s Not Just Trump, These People Lie Like Breathing

Trump’s sociopathic antipathy towards truth is pretty well documented. Just in the last few days The New York Times printed this and Politico did this. Mike Pence thought he’d get in on this fabulist fad too this morning while working the refs about the upcoming debate.  He asserted, as other Republicans have too, that both Candy Crowley and Obama lied during that debate when they caught Romney trying to pass off a well worn right wing lie. But she and the president were telling the truth.

The story that Obama hadn’t called the Benghazi attack “an act of terror” was GOP propaganda. Romney got caught very publicly spreading it, and other operatives pathetically continued it in 2012. But they were all lying. The tape said so. And now here 4 years later they’re still trying to pass off that zombie lie.

It’s who they are and why today’s GOP is not a normal party by historical standards. No matter how many times a lie is debunked they’ll keep pushing it, confidently knowing their seemingly hypnotized base will back them up no matter how dishonest they are.

20M Would Lose Health Coverage Under Trump Plan (9M Would Gain Coverage Under Clinton)

So that’s a 29 million person swing according to RAND.  But they’re the same, right.  It’s all just the establishment, man!  It’s Gush/Bore all over again!

Oh and the 9M under Clinton doesn’t include the potential of more states to expand Medicaid under the Affordable Care Act and Clinton’s plan to allow more middle-aged people to buy into Medicare.

The health care report follows another recent analysis that delved into the candidates’ tax proposals. That study by the nonpartisan Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget found that Trump’s latest tax proposals would increase federal debt by $5.3 trillion over the next decade, compared with $200 billion if Clinton’s ideas were enacted. The Trump campaign disputed those findings.

I expect these things to come up in the debates – it would be the first time people watching them would learn these seemingly relevant tidbits.

We Had a Heluva Day Yesterday

The real upside of the Trump campaign is that it brought it all out in the open.

  1. Trump Mahoning County, OH campaign manager says racism didn’t exist before Obama.

“I don’t think there was any racism until Obama got elected. We never had problems like this. I’m in the real estate industry. There’s none. Now, the people with the guns and shootin’ up neighborhoods and not being responsible citizens—that’s a big change. And I think that’s the philosophy that Obama has perpetuated on America. I think that’s all his responsibility. And if you’re black, and you haven’t been successful in the last 50 years, it’s your own fault.”

2. Congressman Robert Pittinger R-NC, who reps parts of Charlotte, but probably not the problem parts, said that protesters “hate white people.” Play the clip, it’s precious. The look on the BBC interviewer’s face alone is priceless.

3. Instapundit, a right wing blow hard who, sadly for students there is a law professor at the University of Tennessee, Tweeted that if you see Charlotte protesters in the road you should “run them down”, and then he was shocked that people might not understand his sentiment. It was all about public safety, of course. Some times you have to run down the crowd to save them.

4. Donald Trump life insurance policy Mike Pence, said that we have to cool talk of institutional racism in regards to police. No doubt he doesn’t believe it exists anywhere, but certainly not amongst the police. Can we point you to the fact that they wear blue, it’s a dark color, so clearly there can be no prejudice there. It’s the blacks and libruls and Hillary Clinton that are dividing this country.

Pence called the riots in Charlotte “heartbreaking,” and asserted that “too much of our politics in recent years has been about dividing the American people.”

At a separate rally in the city later in the afternoon, Pence specifically called out Hillary Clinton for engaging in that divisiveness after she denounced “systemic racism” during a campaign speech in Orlando on Wednesday.

5. And of course, Donald Trump himself said that we should do national stop and frisk, a law enforcement  strategy which was solely effective at pissing off brown and black people for constantly harassing them on their way to work. It was just a way to extend “driving while black” to pedestrians, which is just fair.

6. Trump also shocked everyone by saying that the only reason he said that Obama was born in this country was to get on with his campaign.  He really isn’t like other politicians who would be all dishonest about why he contradicted 5 years of stupid and hateful rhetoric and not admit he had his fingers crossed when he denounced birtherism. Of course he’s still a birther, wouldn’t you like to be a birther too?

“Well, I just wanted to get on with, you know, we want to get on with the campaign. And a lot of people were asking me questions.”

Let’s just all remember that it’s way worse to be called racist than to be one. And it’s the ones that cry racism that are the real racists.  Also, shooting unarmed people is just the price of doing business, but protesting such shootings is absolutely UNAMURICAN. You don’t see white people protesting all of their injustices and boy howdy we could say a few things about you people holding us down, but we won’t say it because you’ll get the wrong idea and call us racist and then it’s ON! Vote Trump!!!

And that thinking is all out in the open now.




We’ll Have to Bow Down to President Trump

This alone would be a good Clinton ad:

“Every critic, every detractor, will have to bow down to president Trump,” Manigault said. “It’s everyone who’s ever doubted Donald, who ever disagreed, who ever challenged him. It is the ultimate revenge to become the most powerful man in the universe.”

From the people who know him best.  Yeah, that’s why you run.

Thought of  a good debate question for Trump this morning: So you make your ties in China, shirts in Bangladesh, furniture in Turkey, that’s all well known, and you promise to bring jobs back to America, although you haven’t promised to bring your jobs back. You obviously see a bottom line advantage in manufacturing overseas, the companies you denigrate see the same bottom line advantage that you do.  What will you do to make them see it differently and bring their factories home? And why won’t you?


What This Guy Magary Says

If You Vote For Trump, Then Screw You. Indeed.  This is a rant worth its salt.  Just a sample.

Trump is human waste. He is the worst of America stuffed into a nacho cheese casing, and he is emblematic of the kind of arrogant, flag-waving, trashy, racist moron that the rest of us have to DRAG kicking and screaming into the 21st century: Cliven Bundy, Sean Hannity, Kim Davis, and on and on and on. Trump voters are the people who have spent the past decade or so voting insipid obstructionists into office, sending death threats to anyone who even mentions the idea of gun control, demanding 100% tax cuts on millions of dollars they can only daydream about making, and getting suckered in by any Oil Party candidate waving a NO GAYS flag. Fuck them. These are needy hillbilly loons who are just as starved for attention as Trump himself. And voting for Trump is their way of emulating him, of saying FUCK YOU to everyone else as a mission statement, with no regard for the fallout.

And while you’re over there at GQ, don’t forget to check in with that Olbermann fellow. He’s got a few things to say too.

And while we’re here let me just note that every person who says that demeaning Trump’s supporters is no different than the racism, sexism, xenophobia and general stupid hate of those said people, is missing the point of fucking thinking! Fuck them too.