The Cringing Continues for Trump

The Worst Man to Ever Be Nominated for President just had the Worst Week Ever and it continues.  The NY Times blockbuster article on his taxes had such an effect on Trump that he’s gone completely off teleprompter, possibly off whatever meds he might be on.

On Saturday night, Trump had a true Trumpian meltdoewn.  People are saying that it was because the Trump camp knew about the NYT report coming out the next morning (as the NYT reporters had asked the campaign for comments before going to print).  Maybe it was the article, or possibly the entire week of bad press involving his Alicia Machado feud, but whatever it was he went way over the line on Saturday.

It took Trump nearly 25 minutes to read the brief statement because he kept going off on one angry tangent after another — ignoring his teleprompters and accusing Clinton of not being “loyal” to her husband, imitating her buckling at a memorial service last month, suggesting that she is “crazy” and saying she should be in prison. He urged his mostly white crowd of supporters to go to polling places in “certain areas” on Election Day to “watch” the voters there. He also repeatedly complained about having a “bum mic” at the first presidential debate and wondered if he should have done another season of “The Apprentice.”

He physically mocked her near fainting experience at the 9/11 Memorial.  A remarkably inappropriate  and unpresidential display that is also monumentally futile considering how 85 million people saw Clinton best him in rhetoric and stamina at Tuesdays debate at Hofstra.

Among the litany of nutty things he spouted on Saturday:

— He claimed that he has a “winning temperament” while Clinton has “bad temperament.” Trump continued: “She could be crazy. She could actually be crazy.”

“You’re unsuspecting,” Trump said. “Right now, you say to your wife: ‘Let’s go to a movie after Trump.’ But you won’t do that because you’ll be so high and so excited that no movie is going to satisfy you. Okay? No movie. You know why? Honestly? Because they don’t make movies like they used to — is that right?”

Yeah I guess that’s true, especially for his crowd.  They don’t make movies the way they used to with Mickey Rooney and Judy Garland, oh and that John Wayne, he was something, huh?  And what’s with the kids today and their rock and roll, that’s some crazy stuff, am I right?

But back in 2016, today he said that vets that need psychiatric care are “not strong“.  Yipes.

How much more ammunition can he possibly give Kaine and Clinton for their debates?  It’s staggering.



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