I’m Looking Forward to Kaine-Pence Debate (I Know, I’m Nuts)

In all the hoopla with the GOP nominating a narcissistic, con man of an Oompa-Lumpa it’s been kind of lost that the party he’s running, the establishment, the apparatus, the platform, all of it, is still bat shit crazy ON THE ISSUES TOO, AS WELL, IN ADDITION TO AND IN CONJUNCTION WITH THEIR CRAZY CANDIDATE!

Mike Pence is on the ticket because, well, he didn’t have the integrity or self-protection instinct to say no, sure, but also because he represents the absolute worst of GOP Christianist, ultra-conservative activism.  He’s a gay hating, climate denying, institutional racism excusing, math & science phobic denizen of the worst 700 Club, Federalist Society, Club for Growth, Koch Brothers, “let’s go back to the 1850’s” anti-21st century fever swamps.

His favorite book is the Bible, and in his case I think he actually means it.

This debate might actually be the only vehicle to actually talk about why Trump-Pence are absolutely wrong on the issues and at odds with centrist America, you know, besides being completely unfit to be anywhere near the levers of power.

So yeah I’m looking forward to a dismantling on the issues from Tim Kaine, besides whatever laughs we can get from Pence trying to paper over Trump’s nutsy-cuckoo.



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