Style vs. Substance Personified

Personally, I think Tim Kaine is so likable that even when he was interrupting and aggressive because he just had to correct Pence on something, it wasn’t nearly as awful as when someone like Trump does it with belligerence and anger.  For me, that avuncular head shaking of Pence’s is just smarmy.  When you combine that with flat out lying about stuff, you know, that’s not ultimately successful.

Of course, by pundit standards Pence had to win because Kaine interrupted so much, I was puzzled at how many TV talking heads said they couldn’t understand them because of the cross talk, I had no such problem. Kaine was maybe trying too hard to be Joe Biden, but he was very successful in landing blows and Pence wasn’t.  Kaine nailed Pence on reams of things that Pence just denied or deflected.

Ultimately Kaine won the argument for Clinton 2016 and Pence wasn’t even making an argument for Trump.  He won the early primary for Pence 2020.

I can criticize Kaine in that, sure, if he didn’t interrupt they would have called him the winner.  And he did repeat certain attacks multiple times when there was room to hit on other things including Pence’s virulent anti-gay stances and defunding of Planned Parenthood.  He denied ever punishing women for abortion but there is a woman who spent time in jail in Indiana for a miscarriage.  An appeals court later overturned her conviction.

I would not be surprised if the Clinton momentum continued through to the next debate on Sunday.  Fairleigh-Dickinson has her ahead by 10 nationally, which is yoooge.

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