Ryan Planning a Coup if Trump Wins and GOP Keeps Senate

Paul Ryan has a plan for America.  Yeah, he always does and he’s a fraud and a charlatan whose numbers never add up.  But like a zombie he keeps coming and now he’s Speaker of the House, and he’s salivating at the thought of having Trump in the WH and a mere GOP advantage in the Senate.

But Polslice, you need 60 votes to move big legislation in the Senate, you say.  Not under reconciliation you don’t.  Obamacare passed in 2010 because it was under reconciliation and the GOP waled about that.  Now they’re willing to be called hypocrites if they can pass the tax cuts and other draconian budgetary measures they want.

If Donald Trump is elected president and Republicans hold onto Congress, House Speaker Paul Ryan is bluntly promising to ram a partisan agenda through Capitol Hill next year, with Obamacare repeal and trillion-dollar tax cuts likely at the top of the list. And Democrats would be utterly defenseless to stop them.
Republicans in D.C. are utterly immune to any news or results that run counter to their belief that their ideas are infallible.  These people would turn us all into Kansas if they could.  This is a list of the 10 most popular Kansas City Star columns lambasting Gov. Sam Brownback and his radical right wing budgetary agenda that is running the state into the ground.  It’s what the entire country will be saying about Trump and Ryan in a year if they are allowed to Kansasize America.
The GOP-controlled Congress passed a reconciliation bill last year that would repeal key parts of the health law, including effectively eliminating the individual and employer mandates and scrapping the Medicaid expansion, insurance subsidies for consumers and the medical device and Cadillac taxes. The bill was promptly vetoed by President Barack Obama, but it would serve as a road map to Republicans in 2017. The reconciliation process relies heavily on precedent, so now opponents of Obamacare already know what can pass muster with the Senate parliamentarian. Notably, the bill also defunded Planned Parenthood for one year, in a sign of how expansive a reconciliation bill can be.
They’ll do it.  They’ll put a gun to America’s head and pull the trigger believing that a magic bullet of growth and prosperity will be just the thing America’s brain needs. And then we’ll have to clean up the viscera as they keep asserting that the armies of the newly unemployed are just unfortunate victims of progress and breadlines are freedom queues.
These idiots could make Hoover look like a genius.
So don’t let it happen.  Give Hillary the WH and a Dem. Senate.

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