Hey Maybe in the Town Hall Debate They’ll Let Someone Ask About Climate Change

Krugman opines.

But if we’re worried about the longer-term implications of current policies, the buildup of greenhouse gases is a much bigger deal than the accumulation of low-interest debt. It’s bizarre to talk about the latter but not the former.

And this blind spot matters a lot. Polling suggests that millennial voters, in particular, care a lot about environmental protection and renewable energy. But it also suggests that more than 40 percent of young voters believe that there is no difference between the candidates on these issues.

That 40% number is mind numbing.  If you don’t know the grand canyon sized chasm of difference between these two candidates on climate change, that may be on you.  But there’s 31 days to fix that and the last 2 debates are big opportunities to energize that sliver of the population who would like to have A FUTURE!

P.S. Technically they did spend 1 minute 22 seconds on the topic in the first presidential debate.  In 2012 the time in debates spent on climate change was 0.  Unbelievable.  It does really seem like the kind of media figures who do these debates do not take this topic as seriously as their asinine debt and entitlement concern.

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