Sad, Sad Chris Christie’s Last Indignity

He did know about the GW Bridge shenanigans as they happened, as everybody guessed.

He saw his presidential hopes dashed by an even more dishonest and ignorant example of blustering dick than him, and then he endorsed said dick and became his loyal manservant having to go on TV and pronounce him a genius for not paying taxes.

Through it all he was able to keep his chins held high with the hope that Bruce Springsteen might like him.

From the interview with the Boss in Rolling Stone

When I mention my horror at the sight of Donald Trump–endorsing New Jersey governor Chris Christie pumping his fist and singing along to the lines “poor man wanna be rich, rich man wanna be king” at a recent concert in Brooklyn, Springsteen laughs until he turns red. When he catches his breath, he says, “I have no comment.”

Imagine the complete cognitive disconnect of Christie singing those lyrics in what must have been a mindset of wistful yearning, as he interprets Bruce’s lyrics as an instruction manual to supremacy rather than the denigration of overarching ambition he meant it as. Christie thought sadly to himself “I made myself rich but I failed to make myself king. But I will make Bruce love me someday.”

Not gonna happen big guy.

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