The Stupid Has No End or a Bottom

Trump is apparently so dumb he cannot fathom that (1) confessions can be coerced, (2) DNA evidence is definitive, not a whim, (3) when the actual rapist (whose DNA matches) confesses you do have to let the innocent accused go free, and (4) the death penalty is not a deterrent (even if you administer it to the right person instead of the state murdering an innocent one).

Donald Trump Still Thinks the Central Park 5 Did It and the City of New York made a terrible deal exonerating them and giving them $41 million dollar. Terrible deal.  The worst.

It’s impossible to make up how disgusting this is.  His original dumbass populist advocacy for the death penalty in this case was bad enough.  We all know he never apologizes, always doubles down, but come on. There have to be some limits on this guy’s shame, no?

Well, we’re still searching for it anyway.

“Had this been the 1950s, that sick type of justice that they wanted – somebody from that darker place of society would have most certainly came to our homes, dragged us from our beds and hung us from trees in Central Park. It would have been similar to what they did to Emmett Till,” Salaam said.

As Pierce says: “Do I have to point out how many ways this disqualifies Donald Trump from the position of decent human being, let alone from the position of president of the United States?”





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